Do i need to pay taxes on NFTs? NFT Tax Guide

NFT Tax Guide

In this section, we discuss about NFT Tokens and understand the most common question asked on the internet-related tax on NFTs e.g. Do I need to pay taxes on NFTs?

What is Non-Fungible Tokens NFT?

In order to digitise intellectual property such as works of art, photographs, films, music, or texts, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a type of cryptographic asset. Using blockchain technology, they are verified and traded. Since NFTs are a relatively new class of asset, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) hasn’t yet issued any official guidelines about how to treat them differently from other digital assets in terms of taxes.

Difference Between NFTs & Cryptocurrency, Tokens?

The main difference is that, unlike fungible cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, NFTs are not convertible into one another. They cannot be exchanged for products, services, or other currencies straight away.

nft tax guide

Understand Taxes on NFTs

In recent years, the IRS has provided detailed guidance on the tax treatment of cryptocurrencies in Notice 2014-21 and Revenue Ruling 2019-24, and it has also discussed NFTs in relation to digital assets.
NFTs have some significant distinctions from cryptocurrencies, but it hasn’t yet addressed how they should be taxed.

NFTs will be subject to taxes that lie midway between those on collectibles and cryptocurrencies, which are taxed as property and have long-term capital gains rates ranging from 0% to 20% depending on income.

How does the IRS classify NFTs?

Because NFTs are a novel class of asset, the IRS has not yet provided comprehensive guidance in this area.

It is possible that it will ultimately be recognised as a collectible, in which case it will be subject to the higher 28% capital gains tax, just like other collection assets like stamps, artwork, and precious metals. For non-collectible items, the maximum capital gains rate is 20%.

Do i need to pay taxes on NFTs?

Yes, Everyone has to pay tax on every transaction of buying and selling NFTs. Soon tax authorities issued guidelines on how to pay taxes on NFTs and how much to pay.


Do i need to pay taxes on NFTs? I am try to answer this question hope all of you understand, NFT is a new form of asset. All tax treatments described in this article are hypothetical and rely only on existing tax legislation because there are no provisions in current tax law that specifically address the tax treatment of NFTs. Be sure to keep thorough records of your transactions if you invest in NFTs. Consult a tax expert who can help you understand the existing tax regulations that might be used to tax NFT transactions. The taxation of NFTs will be made clearer as the IRS issues more guidance. You can avoid fines by properly documenting your purchases and transactions.

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